Mango Butter & Babassu Oil Body Butter

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Fluffy and cloud like, this luxuriously whipped body butter is sure to relax your spirit and moisturize your skin.

Packed with exotic ingredients such as Kokum Butter and Babassu Oil this butter is a surprisingly luxurious treat for both your skin and your well being.



  • Spoonie Warrior - An enticing scent of fruit, berries and florals. Prominent notes raspberries and blackberries, with soft notes of musk and vanilla intertwined with peach and honeysuckle. A best seller!
  • Naked - Faint scent of the natural butters and oils. No fragrance.

4 oz of light, voluminous butter.


The Story:

Every product was created with the needs and daily obstacles faced by Spoonies in mind. Every product created is my small attempt to alleviate a bit of the mental, emotional and physical anguish Spoonies and their loved ones fight through, hour by hour.

The first product ever formulated, my whipped body butter was born out of necessity. Being in limbo between being too sick to function but not sick enough to receive a diagnosis, I was on a host of medications in an attempt to manage my symptoms.

One of the biggest, physical side affects was dry and peeling skin. I was too weak to use my normal body butters: thick and dense shea and cocoa butters that, while great for my skin, took a lot of energy for me to rub in. So I formulated a butter that is so light that it absorbs nearly instantly and provides deep, long lasting moisture.

You honor me by allowing me to pass this piece of peace onto you.



Directions: Apply a small amount to dry or slightly damp skin. As you slowly massage into your skin speak aloud three positive things to yourself.

Mango Butter, Babassu Oil, Kokum Butter, Apricot Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance, Opthiphen

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